For an 11 year old, Piper Adams has already been through a lot. She's been fighting cystic fibrosis since she was born.

"I have to do my vest 20 minutes twice a day, every day, for the rest of my life," said Piper Adams.

Piper also has to take a lot of pills: about 30 every day.

"I have to take my pills every meal. Like at school, I have to leave lunch line a little bit early to go down and take my pills."

As a fifth grader, Piper's passion is dance. She's been dancing since she was three. Her idol: Sophia Lucia.

"I started looking her up on YouTube videos, there are a bunch of videos of her so I thought it would be pretty cool to meet her."

That's when Piper's doctors got her connected with Make-A-Wish.

"But then they said I was too healthy for it, and that there were other kids that needed it," said Piper.

With the help of Make-A-Wish donors, Piper's dream became a reality.

"My doctors came in and said that I qualified for it because they got the huge donor."

Piper's Mother Heather Adams says getting help from Make-A-Wish was "beyond amazing."

"Knowing it was something I couldn't give her, but they were able to do that for her. They handed us her dream in a folder and it was granted," said Heather Adams.

Piper's wish came true. She spent an entire day with Sophia Lucia.

"It was really cool getting to meet her. It was really nice because she said it was like we've known each other forever," said Piper.

Now, Piper hopes more wishes will be granted to other kids in the fight for their lives.

"There are many kids out there that need it, that will think the experience is amazing," said Piper.

"I didn't realize there was that much need in the community, and it would be awesome if everyone could get their wish," said Heather Adams.

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