Witness to shooting near Palomino says innocent man died

Lights flashing, people dancing, and music blaring: These are the moment’s photographer Brandon Hiza usually captures.

“The pictures and video I do have to reflect what the night was like,” said Hiza.

But after a man was shot outside of a north Spokane venue early Monday, Hiza put down his camera and picked up the phone to dial 911.

“The guy shot was innocent,” said Hiza. “He was just crossing the street trying to go home. He had nothing to do with anything that was going on and he was just a guy who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Spokane woman tries to save Palomino shooting victim

Hiza was working for promoter T.A.S.T.Y as the Palomino when a fight broke out just before 2 a.m.

“The whole night was great,” he said. “It wasn’t until people came outside until an arguments happened at all.”

But the argument quickly escalated.

“He just started shooting and I counted off the shots to the 911 operator,” said Hiza. “And it was 11 or 12 shots.”

The shooting happened just outside the venue near the DMV parking lot located at Lyons and Lidgerwood. Hiza quickly told people to go inside the Palomino, then went to help the victim.

“I was there when he quit breathing,” said Hiza. “It’s just hard to see someone get their life taken for nothing.”

Hiza says the victim had nothing to do with the fight, and had just left the event to go home.

“I’ve seen events like this go flawlessly with no fights, no nothing,” said Hiza. “Then you have times like this were people can’t hold it together.”

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