east valley fire

Friday morning residents who live near East Valley High School say they heard what sounded like a loud explosion then saw A large plume of smoke, visible for miles. 

"It actually shook pretty much my neighbors and my house to the point where it was almost like a sonic boom explosion and then I got a phone call from my neighbors saying there's a fire out in the field." James Beamish said, 

Beamish and his neighbors went outside to see the commotion, especially because Friday's incident reminded them of something they'd nearly forgotten.

Nearly one year ago, in the same spot, an identical situation.

Beamish and his neighbors say their homes rattled the morning of Saturday, June 9th, 2018.

That time there was  a fire and a DNR investigation. The fire spread more last year because it was so dry. This time around, in the pouring rain, it was contained pretty quick.

According to the DNR, both last year and this year, there was no explosion, no arrests, just a homeowner with a permit to burn outdoors.

Beamish isn't convinced.

"You have oxygen and you have to have a fuel source so what could be a fuel source other than wet wood," Beamish said.

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