Woman calls for barriers on Spokane bridges after attempted jump

On Thursday the Maple Street Bridge was shut down for several hours as police talked a man out from taking his life. Sabrina Votava is the president of FailSafe for Life and says that Spokane needs to improve safety on their bridges “We are looking at the bridges around Spokane and are wondering what we can do to help support the idea that we need some sort of barrier there."

Decades of research prove that the barrier method is the most effective way to prevent suicides even if someone is able to get around it, "That barrier what that does is it gives us time because if that wasn't there he very easily could have gone over without there having an opportunity for a response." said Sabrina.

Proving Votava's point: Thursday's rescue where a man spent nearly two hours on top of the Maple Street Bridge barrier before officers were able to talk him down and get them the help he needed "This man was ultimately saved because of the incredible efforts of the Spokane Police Department," said Sabrina.

But Sabrina thinks the city and county really needs to have the conversation about putting up more barriers around Spokane "I would love to see the county get more involved and the city get more involved as well in suicide prevention it really had a big impact on Spokane when that funding went away."