Woman clings to hood of car in attempt to stop thief

A Spokane woman is lucky she wasn’t hurt after she clung to the hood of her boyfriend’s car while a thief drove erratically through north Spokane.

The alleged incident happened near Francis and Addison late Thursday night.

Cynthia Dickson says she was hanging out at an apartment when she heard her boyfriend’s car start. She quickly looked out the front door and saw the car backing out of a carport.

That’s when she ran downstairs and tried to stop the thief, but despite numerous efforts to open the car door, Dickson eventually jumped on the hood.

“I felt like an idiot for getting on the hood,” said Dickson. “But I didn’t think he would keep going.”

But according to Dickson, that’s exactly what he did.

Dickson says she hung on for dear life for up to 15 minutes and at speeds as fast as 40 mph while the man drove erratically and tried to jolt her off the hood.

“I tried saying ‘my fingers are stuck I can’t get off, I can’t get off, I’m stuck, I’m stuck,” said Dickson. “I thought maybe if I blocked his view he’d stop because he couldn’t see.”

Eventually, the driver would stop near Addison and Central. He took off on foot before Spokane Police arrived.

SPD is investigating this matter but have not made any arrests.

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