Woman in need of double lung transplant hoping for a miracle

In 2007, Lindsey Lueck was diagnosed with Non-Cystic Fibrosis Bronchiectasis and her life has never been the same.

"I need to take a lot of time for myself to do breathing nebulizer treatments, I do a vest that percusses me several times per day. I am also currently doing IV antibiotics so I have to make Time for that," said Lindsey.  

Her treatment options are limited. Lindsey is eagerly waiting a double lung transplant and is in the final stages of being added to the transplant list.The only hospital that can perform this life saving procedure is in Seattle.

"In order to be on the list, I need to do some planning that includes finding care for my children and how I am going to get there when my transplant call comes," Lindsey said.

That call can come at any time- day or night- and Lindsey has to be in Seattle within four hours of the call. She says the only way to get there in time is by Life Flight or by a charter flight. But it's not cheap. Life Flight quoted a price of $12,000, and the charter flight was $5,000. "Those numbers seem unreasonable to me and scary," Lindsey said.

Lindsey is trying to plan for all of the expenses for this transplant, and for living for three months in Seattle after the procedure. But the $12,000 curve ball she got isn't making this any easier for her.

"I would love to be there for my children for many more years and I know a transplant is my or a miracle are my options," she said.  

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