Woman shares photos of Sutherland Canyon Fire: 'The entire ranch burned last night'

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A woman who owns a cattle ranch in Central, Washington is sharing fiery photos with a scary account of how she saved her cows "in the nick of time" as the Sutherland Canyon Fire burned "the entire ranch" Tuesday night.

Molly Linville writes on Facebook that "things went terribly bad terribly quickly last night," as she describes trying to save her cows from the flames that quickly took over her property.

"Stinker and I were able go get the cows and bring them to the house just in the nick of time, but I don't ever want to experience that ever again. I have been too chicken to count the cows this morning because I can't bear the thought that any of them burned up, but I think I got them all. So, humans are safe, house is safe and animals are safe, but the entire ranch burned last night. Counting my blessings!"

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