Woman suing Walt Disney for $250 million, says 'Frozen' is based on her life

KHQ.COM - Walt Disney is facing a surprising lawsuit over the hit children's movie, "Frozen" which has grossed $1.2 billion dollars at the Global Box Office. A woman by the name of Isabella Tanikumi, who also goes by L. Amy Gonzalez, claims the company plagiarized her life when they made the movie and she has filed a federal law suit for $250 million dollars.

According to court documents, the woman claims the plot of the film was taken from her 2010 autobiography "Yearnings of the Heart" where she writes about growing up in the Andean mountains of Peru. She says, they copied the feeling, story, characters and plot from her original work and is demanding a trial by jury. E! news contacted her lawyer and this is the statement they received back, "Ms. Tanikumi is a very private individual and does not wish to be interviewed at this time. As the case moves through the courts I am sure more information will become available concerning her claims."

Walt Disney claims "Frozen" was inspired by Hans Christian Anderson's fairy tale, "The Snow Queen" but Tanikumi's complaints highlight 18 specific examples that show parallels between her work and frozen, even down to the character names and the relationship b/w the two sisters."

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