Woman thankful to be alive after crash near Colfax

It’s been a wet last few days in the Inland Northwest and it’s caused quite a few problems.

One woman hit some black ice on Monday, and wrecked her car, along SR 26 a few miles out of Colfax.

“It was like I catapulted right into the hillside,” says Maria Libby.

She’s still recovering from her injuries, but she says she takes that road every day. She didn’t expect running into a ditch.

“I seen a truck coming down the hill and my first thought was oh no I'm going to get hit,” she says.

But she didn't.

“Right then and there all I could say was help me,” she says. “I no sooner got the words help me out of my mouth and he was there…He says ‘I'm going to cut your seat belt off. It's choking you.’”

She had to get 21 staples and 32 stitches on her head.

“It was like I was scalped,” she says.

Doctors told Maria that if the seat belt hadn't been cut, she could've bled out.

“He was selfless and he didn't waste a second. He was right there,” she says of the man who helped her.

Sometimes it's hard to make sense of why certain things happen - why her car hit black ice and how this stranger happened to be behind her. But Maria later found out that this man drives the same route every day just like her. So, she thinks this was all meant to be.

“He's my angel,” she says. “Words alone cannot say thank you. In my heart he's my hero.”

Maria also found out that the man’s name is Richard Ramirez. She would like to meet him one day and give him a thank you gift.

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