Woman wants Spokane Macy's to stay put

The downtown Spokane Macy's has been a landmark in the city for decades, but now due to slumping sales Macy's is closing 40 stores nationwide. 

Ginny Beadle, a teacher at Homelink in Deer Park is one of many upset about the company leaving downtown Spokane so she's taking a different approach to trying to keep it here by starting a letter writing campaign. 

She begins her letter to the corporate office with a simple sentiment. 

"Dear Macy's Administrative staff, I was deeply saddened by your announcement that the Macy's Spokane downtown store is scheduled for closing." 

Beadle's feelings were shared by many, but Ginny wanted to do something, so she did what she does best. 

"My daughter in law said, 'Macy's is closing in downtown, and I said I know, I wrote a letter to the corporate office. She said, 'of course you did.'" 

Beadle's goal was to let them know that she thought it was an unfair decision and her letter cited her reasons. 

"For approximately six months, two of the doors, the entrances had been blocked off by construction," says Beadle.  "The amount of customers was probably severely affected by the lack of access."  She also noted that the closing of the store will leave a huge hole in the middle of the growing downtown. 

Her approach is notable unconventional in this day and age where so much is done on social media, but those who know her best say it's a campaign of the heart. 

"It really has nothing to do with the fact that I like to shop at Macy's," says Beadle.  "It has to do with being supporters of the community.  I think this is really a downside for Spokane."

Among the classes Beadles teaches are government and language arts.  She often has her students participate in learning by writing letters.  She believes this could be a valuable lesson to potentially bring about change.     

"How could we make it better?  How could we make it different and what is the vehicle that we do to make that happen," she says she asks her students.   "They always say to me... We write a letter."

Beadle knows it likely won't make a difference in whether Macy's stays or goes but she encourages the public to join her in writing letters to express how the community feels.   

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