Woman warns others, says drink was roofied at Spokane bar

It started out as a nice spring evening, last month, when Chelsea and her friend left the Eastern Washington Campus to go to downtown Spokane to grab some drinks.

"We got down there and went straight to the Globe," said Chelsea.

It wasn't long until the night these two college students planned - took an unplanned turn.

"Then next thing I know, it's 9 in the morning," Chelsea said. "Literally her and I had no recollection of anything, "Chelsea described.

Chelsea received multiple Snapchat messages asking if she was okay.

"I am so scared. I have been roofied one other time and ever since then I am like so cautious about who I accept drinks from," Chelsea said. "It's just when you're roofied you know the difference like it's scary. It is completely different from being black out drunk."

Chelsea went back to the bar and told them about it - and security told her they were doing somersaults down the stairs that night.

I went there too and talked to the new general manager about Chelsea's claim.

"Everybody is going through another training regarding the situation," Joey Larocque with the Globe told me. 

Larocque also said since the Globe is being renovated, they've put up new security cameras to make sure it's a safe as possible.

"I feel like we're prepared and ready with this new opening to do everything we can in our power," he said. 

Chelsea doesn't blame the Globe.  She just wants to make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else.

"I am just so thankful that we are safe," she said.

Larocque said that they are working with the City Of Spokane to hire off-duty police officers on the weekends.