Woman who evacuated for Soap Lake Fire worried home would be destroyed

While a fire in Grant County was quickly spreading Monday night, many people in Soap Lake were being woken up in the middle of the night and being told to leave immediately. One of those people was Victoria Dobesh. The flames came dangerously close to her home. She says after she evacuated, she wasn't sure she'd have a home to return to.

"He says we're giving you 15 minutes to evacuate, there's a fire," Dobesh said, "We didn't even see a fire yet. We turned around and said, 'Oh there's a fire.'"

Within minutes of evacuating, a scatter of orange flames lit up the night skies over Dobesh's backyard. 

"I pretty much lost it because I  thought our house was going to get it," she said.

Dobesh and her neighbors could only watch as the flames crept closer to their property.

"This is all grass out here, so if the fire came down that hill and grabbed that grass, it's going to ignite it."

Dobesh set up a perimeter using whatever sprinklers and hoses she could find. Thankfully, they wouldn't be needed.  Grant County firefighters worked through the night to keep the blaze at bay.

"Oh I think they did an amazing job. Just amazing," Dobesh said of the firefighters.

She was able to return home Tuesday, hoping this time she can stay.

"I guess I could feel something funny in the tummy, but otherwise I feel like it's going to be OK," she said.

There are roughly 200 firefighters from all over the state in Soap Lake. They're expected to be in the area for the next several days making sure they keep the fire in check. 

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