Workers At SIA Prepare For Winter

SPOKANE, Wash. - Snow is something you have to deal with living in the Northwest. Most of us stock up on de-icer and get snow tires to prepare. Workers at the Spokane International Airport have to do a lot more to make sure planes take off safely and on time.

"We pride ourselves on being the most on time in the country despite our weather." said Larry Krauter, CEO of Spokane Airport, during a news conference Wednesday.  

The "Topping Out" ceremony at Spokane International Airport celebrated the completion of the structural steel phase of their new Snow Removal Equipment Building.

The Spokane Airport Board awarded Lydig Construction, Inc. of Spokane, a $7,534,209 contract to construct the new 46,400 square foot storage and maintenance facility for snow removal vehicles and equipment used to clear runways, taxiways, and airfield aircraft parking aprons at Spokane International Airport.

"This is just another example of how we are attracting businesses and people with living wage jobs to move to Spokane." Said Mayor David Condon

The new structure will consist of a 9-bay vehicle storage area and 4-bay maintenance/support area. The building includes a wash-bay sized for 75-foot vehicles, a loading dock, de-icing chemical storage and conveying system, and various vehicle maintenance areas and storage for maintenance manuals.

"What the community should understand is how hard we work to keep the airport open in all weather conditions." Krauter continued by saying, "the new housing facility is really evidence of that investment and the dedication of the staff that mans the equipment day in and day out through the worst conditions possible to keep the runways open."

The facility was designed by Cortner Architectural Company of Spokane. It will be Spokane International Airport's first LEED registered project, with a goal of Silver certification.

This project was approved by the Federal Aviation Administration to enhance runway safety and is funded through the Passenger Facility Charge Program, a $4.50 user fee assessed on each departing passenger's airline ticket.

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