With the grip of the pandemic beginning to loosen its hold, it's time to get back to work and there are plenty of jobs out there. If you need help finding them, there's a resource available to you right now and one Spokane man can testify that it works. 

"I like working. It keeps me busy. Makes me feel younger," Jason Harvey said standing in the warehouse of 2nd Harvest Thursday morning. 

Jason is a father, a veteran and by day he works Compliance and Safety at the food bank. However, this time last year like so many, his job became a casualty of the pandemic. 

"The company I used to work for ended with the pandemic," Harvey said. "There wasn't even resources for our company to stay in business." 

Jason reluctantly turned to unemployment, a transition that wasn't easy for someone like him who has always been used to working. 

"It felt like forever, but I think it was more like six or seven months," Harvey said. "It was frustrating at first sitting at home. I got two kids so I got to hang out with them but... it makes me feel good to actually be able to work." 

Getting back into the workforce wasn't as easy as it may have been in the past as the pandemic continued, so Jason gave Worksource a call and they immediately went to work for him. 

"(They) sent me job listings, sent me volunteer opportunities so I could have something else on my resume more recent," Jason recalled. 

Then one day, Jason received what is known as a 'Survival Job' listing, which essentially means it's something to get by. 

"She sent me a link saying, 'I know this isn't your normal career... however, in the interim, this could help you,'" Jason said. 

On the other end of that job posting was 2nd Harvest, who had partnered with Worksource to find people right for them, which saved 2nd Harvest time and resources during a time when those two things aren't as plentiful as they once were. 

"At a food bank, you pedal pretty hard, we've had to pedal twice as hard," 2nd Harvest's Community Partnerships Director Eric Williams said. "Having that time to say comb through a bunch of resumes or do a zillion interviews, they've (Worksource) really just helped us refine the process." 

Worksource didn't just find the job for Jason, they also helped him prepare for every step along the path back to employment. 

"I polished up my resume, sent it to her (Jason's Worksource connection), she went over it and gave me a couple of pointers," Jason said. 

Feeling prepared thanks to Worksource, Jason sent in his resume in January and it wasn't long before he was hired. 

"He came to us in January, had another job, and has already worked his way up," Williams boasted about Jason. 

A man who serves his family, his county and now once again back to serving others at his new job, a job that was supposed to be a "survival job" and has turned into a "forever job". 

"I'll be here forever," Jason said, laughing. 

If you're interested in learning more about Worksource and the services they provide you can CLICK HERE

There will also be a Connect Center Thursday night at KHQ during our 5 and 6 o'clock newscasts with Worksource representatives taking your phone calls and answering your questions. Call 509-443-1111.