Build the wall

The WSU Republican Club  gathered together on Tuesday for the 'WSU College Republicans Build the Wall, Bill of Rights Bash' 

Matt Marshall of WA 3% and  Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer spoke about the Bill of Rights and the importance of its preservation.

In an description of the event it said: 

"Americans are forgetting that we live in a Constitutional Republic, while they ignorantly push for Socialism and Communism. Come hear 2 passionate speakers discuss the importance of our Bill of Rights."

Members from the WA three percent said they welcome immigration, and wanted to have a discussion about it with the students, while their members waved the yellow “Don’t Tread on Me” flags around the Todd Steps.

Another group calling themselves the Multicultural Student Body showed up in orange shirts to stand together with their undocumented classmates, chanting “no hate, no fear, immigration is welcome here.”

WATCH: The Multicultural Student Body holds immigration rally

Students told KHQ rallies like this normally end in a big confrontation, but Tuesday’s event was peaceful, with less than one hundred students, and security standing by.

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