WSU student arrested in cocaine bust

A 21-year-old Washington State University student was arrested this week for felony drug charges after she reportedly tried to sell cocaine to a law enforcement informant.

Sierra M. Windsor was arrested Tuesday after a months-long Quad Cities Drug Task Force investigation involving a confidential informant.

Windsor was a member of the Sigma Kappa sorority at WSU at the time of her arrest. A sorority representative said she is no longer affiliated with the chapter.

Court documents say the informant, who had previously been arrested on drug charges, had been providing detectives with information about people in Pullman who were involved with selling and using drugs. 

In January, the informant called a detective and told them that Windsor was a cocaine dealer. Detectives arranged for the informant to wear a body wire during a drug deal with Windsor. 

Windsor got into a car with the informant, and was heard mentioning her involvement with the sorority as well as mentioning that her drug supplier had moved away. She then gave the informant a baggie of a white powdery substance which later tested positive as cocaine.

The informant and detective scheduled another drug deal with Windsor, in which she sold the informant another baggie of cocaine. 

Windsor was later arrested and booked for a felony drug charge.

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