WSU student hopes his rapping skills score an internship with Jimmy Fallon

Employers pour over countless cover letters and resumes to find an intern best fitted for the position.

Finding a way to make yourself a memorable candidate can be difficult.

Washington State University student Jake Sirianni has found a way to make a lasting impression.

He recently applied for an internship with The Tonight Show.

To showcase his talents and enhance the odds of getting picked, he rewrote 'Blackalicious Alphabet Aerobics' about The Tonight Show.

Sirianni edited himself into the video, performing alongside Jimmy Fallon.

He used footage of when Daniel Radcliffe covered the song to back up his application video.

Sirianni is currently the president and general manager at Cable 8 Productions at WSU.

He posted his final product online, writing on his Facebook page, "Share with your friends & send it to The Tonight Show and Jimmy! Hope you enjoy."

You can watch his video here:

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