Burglary attempt in Georgia

A would-be burglar in Georgia was thwarted by an unlikely hero who wasn't going to become a victim.

It happened last week at a family farmhouse that's more than a 100-years-old.

The family's matriarch, a 79-year old woman, was inside when she heard someone breaking in.

So she called 911, then got her gun.

For nearly 10 minutes, the 79-year-old woman and her pistol took control of the home invasion while she gave the 911 dispatcher a play-by-play.

"Okay, come on up in here! I got something for you!" the woman could be heard saying during the 911 call as she was firing shots at the intruder. "I'm waitin' on ya, come on. Come on! Come on down here!"

Again, another gunshot is heard and the dispatcher asked the woman if she was shooting at the man again. 

"Yes, ma'am," the woman replied. 

The grandmother, who did not want to be identified, was shooting toward him as she later told her daughter to keep him away.

20-year-old Hans Rogers was later arrested and charged. Deputies found him hiding in a closet scared by a 79-year old woman and her gun.