85-year-old powerlifter aims to set records in Spokane

Meet 85-year-old Navy veteran, Ray Curtis. He isn't your typical 85-year-old who likes to get that early bird special. Ray power lifts and has been doing so since the tender age of 69 after a running injury had him in the gym lifting weights for rehab "My specialty is my deadlift. It's my favorite lift," said Ray Curtis who is in Spokane competing in the USA Powerlifting Open Nationals.

Ray deadlifts up to 315 pounds for his deadlift. He wakes up bright and early to beat those lines at the gym. He works out at least four times per week for two hours each time. Ray chose to continue power lift to keep himself busy. Ray is also a cancer survivor and proceeded to lift when he was going through radiation therapy.

Believe it or not this navy vet still weighs the same that he did when he was a freshman in college. Since Ray started powerlifting, he has won 9 national championships and has been on four world teams “I've been active. I enjoy an active life style because I try anything and I'm OCD  so if I try something I have to do well at it,” said Curtis

His goal for tomorrow's powerlifting competition “Tomorrow I just want to have a good meet. The records are open, and I plan on setting some records,” added Curtis.

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