28-year-old Spokane man charged with murder of 10-month-old boy

One family is living every parent’s worst nightmare. Their babysitter, 28-year-old Joshua Mobley and a married father, is accused of beating their baby to death. Spokane police reported finding bruises across the baby’s abdomen.

Kitara Johnson says her little nephew Caiden always had a smile on his face. He was just a few months away from turning 1. But now, instead of planning a birthday party for May 3rd, the family’s planning a funeral. 

“That's your worst fear. You leave your kids with somebody that you think you know and you come back and they're not alive,” Johnson says.

Court documents show the Mobleys started taking care of Caiden while his mother worked in February. Caiden’s mother knew Joshua Mobley because she worked with his wife for the past two years. She thought they were a good family.

Docs show that on February 20, Caiden’s mother noticed weird bruises on his forehead, left cheek, and left ear and also that he had a broken blood vessel. When she asked about it, Mobley reportedly told her that Caiden got those bruises from hitting his head against the crib.

Then on Sunday, Mobley picked up Caiden and his mother, took his mother to work, and was supposed to babysit Caiden while she was working. Later that night, when Caiden was dropped off back home, something was off.

Caiden’s mother told officers that Mobley told her to leave Caiden alone and let him sleep – “as if Joshua Mobley did not want [Caiden’s mother] to touch Caiden whatsoever.”

Caiden never woke up. Court documents suggest that Mobley likely carried around Caiden’s body for hours, telling people that he was sleeping.

“She said his body felt cold,” Johnson says. “She said she kept trying to do these chest compressions to get him back breathing but all she felt was her breath going through.”

The autopsy showed Caiden had been beaten.

“What could he have done?” Johnson asks. “He was a happy baby. He was the happiest baby. I honestly cannot understand.”

Mobley is sitting in the Spokane County Jail on a $500,000 bond. He’s expected to make another court appearance on Monday.

If you would like to help the Caiden's family at this time, they do have a memorial account set up at Wells Fargo locations. The account number is 7590172263 and if you write a check, make it out to Caiden Henry: Donation Account