Name: Dale Ringquist / Bartender

Restaurant/Business: The Elk Public House

The Elk is best described as? The Elk is a staple for Spokane. I think they have created an environment where people like to hang out and have a good time. Really delicious made from scratch food and great environment. In the summertime sitting on that patio is magical.

Where and how where did you learn how to bartend? I learned to be a bartender from two gentleman. Tim O'Dougherty and Terry Best. I got into the business at O'Dougherty's. He certainly gave me the gift of gab and make people feel like friends and family which is most important.

What is one tool that everyone should have in their home bar? Common sense! I think everyone has the perfect kit that they want to make they have a muddler, a strainer, shaker just your basic bar kit. I think responsibility is the one thing that everyone needs in their home bar.

If you could have a drink with anyone who would it be? Steven Spielberg or Harrison Ford

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