Name: Casey Booey III

Business: Booey's Gourmet

Where and how where you trained to cook?  I say survival half way joking.  My Dad was military and my Mom worked full time. Growing up it was me and my little brother and we were latch key kids so we had to learn to cook.  My brother is a pretty good cook too.   

Favorite food when you were growing up? My favorite food growing up would have been either my Dad's greens and steak or my Mom's curry rice.

What was your biggest food fail? My father in law is an incredible cook.  My father in law taught me a lot about grilling and a lot about cooking.  So I'm always trying to impress him.  We were out at their place and I was going to provide ribs. I took the Vaquero rub that I also wanted to show off.  I put it on way to early and way too much and they were so salty.  He took a few bites, but I noticed he never finished that plate and he insisted we pack them up and take them home so we could enjoy them.  I couldn't even give them to the dogs they were 

If you could eat a meal with anyone, who would it be?  Adam Hegsted & John Cook who I admire what they are doing here in Spokane.  The third would be President Obama.   

Fun Fact Casey's day job is as a  Tech Specialist at the Spokane Arena. He is the Director of the Spokane Chefs Hockey games broadcasts.