Name: Big Mike

Restaurant/Business: Big Mike's Cookout

Your kind of cooking is best described as: Filipino Comfort Food

Where and how where you trained to cook? Seattle started as a dish washer and worked my way up the line. My mentor Charles Walpole taught me to cook simple dishes and using my own creativity while cooking seasonal ingredients.

Favorite food when you were growing up? Growing up my favorite food was of course Filipino food. My Mom would always make longanisa sausage we would eat that with rice and sometimes egg in the morning. I also loved spaghetti.

What was your biggest food fail? My biggest food fail would be when I was in 7th grade doing home ec class. I was baking cookies with my friends. We had a group of us and we had to make these cookies and this was our grade. We were making the cookies and I totally forgot the baking soda and the cookies just went flat on the pan.

What's always in your fridge and what do you use it for? I like to keep sriracha, sambal sauce, a lot of Asian flavors. Hoisin sauce, soy sauce and I like to just put that with everything. I like spice in my food. I like to make marinades create something out of that and work my way with flavors. 

If you could eat a meal with anyone, who would it be? My Grandfather who passed away about 5 years ago. He was the big cook in our family.

Currently Big Mike works as a line cook at Mizuna in Spokane.

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