Name: Chef Mamma Jeannie Choi

Restaurant/Business: D'Bali Asian Bistro

Your kind of cooking is best described as:  Elevated home cooking

Where and how where you trained to cook? I use to work all over South East Asian and learned from the people I met in my travels.  

Favorite food when you were growing up?  Sorghum pancakes with red bean filling

What was your biggest food fail?  pasteis de nata ( Portuguese egg tart)   made over 100 times and all a fail.  Haha!

What's always in your fridge and what do you use it for?  Garlic, butter, rice, cake, dumplings

If you could eat a meal with anyone, who would it be?  If I go out to eat I take my adopted sister and business adviser Kelly.  We always have fun talking about travel and business

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