Tasty Bun is Spokane's new take on the traditional steamed bun.

Jeff Skaife and his wife own the place. He raised his family by being a finishing carpenter, but owning a restaurant has always been his dream.

The tasty bun can be bought in bulk and reheated at home. His first foray into the food scene was in the 90's making and selling a sesame salad dressing. That dressing is on one of his salads and it has a cult-like following.

Questions -

Where and how did you learn to cook?  I was in Job Corp. They put me in the cooking program and I fell in love with it. After that I was lucky enough to work under a chef that I really respected and he took me under his wing.

What was your favorite food growing up? Hamburgers. My grandparents owned a little place called Beefy's Hamburgers & it was such a treat when they brought them home.

If you could have dinner with anyone? Tom Colicchio

What does cooking mean to you? I believe food is an expression of caring for myself. You put a lot of yourself into cooking for someone.

What is a place we have to try here in Spokane? Shamus's Sandwich Shop they have three locations and have been family run for generations.