HAYDEN, ID- Some homeowners who had trees come crashing down on their roofs are saying that valuable wind protection being removed is to blame for the falling trees. 
A stretch of homes on North Government Way in Hayden show a stark contrast; some with trees down on their roof, others completely untouched. 
Some residents say they believe it's because a few weeks ago, some of the trees across the street from the homes were cut down, leaving them exposed to high winds. 
"There was quite a few trees over there and it was good wind block," said William Hobbs, who lives in a home that was destroyed, "I've lived here 11 years, I've never had this many problems until they took these trees down."
The City of Hayden says that the trees were cut down by a private developer who is now building storage units on the land across the street from the homes. 
Hobbs told us that despite how devastating the storm was, they are all safe and that is what matters.