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KHQ is more than a TV station. We are a media company dedicated to providing the most accurate, and most useful, information. Sometimes we tell the story best on a TV screen. Other times, it calls for a quick update on Amazon Echo. And sometimes the story calls for an in-depth exploration on a podcast. In those cases, this is where you will find our collection. The stories we tell are information. They are entertaining. Sometimes they are gut wrenching, and sometimes they will make you laugh and smile.

You can find all of our podcasts here. You can also find them on the major podcast apps. We are on Spreaker. We are on iTunes. We are on Google Podcasts. We are on Stitcher. And we are on iHeart.

Enjoy the Q^ Podcasts from KHQ. And, as always, if you have a question – or a suggestion for a podcast episode – get in touch with us at

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