Political Party: Independent

Education: Bachelors of Science (Business Administration); Associate of Science (Marketing/Mid-Management) * Majored in Finance my 1st year before changing majors

Spouse: Single, no children

Religion: Non-affiliated

Date of Birth: March 1, 1971

Background: Lived and raised in North Idaho

 Please describe your top 5 priorities if elected State Senator, District 4:

- Stronger sentencing and monitoring of sexual predators, as well those who abuse and neglect children and the elderly.

 - Reduce Health Insurance costs by making it easier for individuals to purchase policies across state lines.

 - Explore Idaho's potential for domestically produced energy resources to include a variety of alternative and renewable energies with the goal of self-reliance.

 - Promote and encourage 21st century jobs to locate and be retained in our area.

 - Hone educational skill levels to match students to job opportunities required to maintain those skilled professions in Idaho.

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