Political Party: Republican

Education: Attended Fort Wright College, Spokane

Spouse: Roy – Married for 43 years

Religion: Catholic

Date of Birth: 1950



I've represented the 13 District since 2007 and am currently serving as the Ranking Member on the House Capital Budget Committee and serve on the Labor and Workforce Development Committee and the Higher Education Committee.

I grew up on a family dairy farm in Deer Park. I'm a mother of 3 girls and grandmother of 7. We currently live on a farm in Moses Lake and own a small business. I'm a member of several business organizations, Backcountry Horsemen of Washington, Grant County Horse Association, past Chamber of Commerce President and 4-H leader.


Please describe your top 5 priorities if elected to serve as the State Representative, Position One, for District Thirteen:

1. Education: A strong educational system from pre-school thru higher education or trade school will insure a sustainable economic recovery for all.

2. Public Safety: Adequate funding for all levels of public safety from small community police departments to county sheriffs to state correctional facilities is imperative.

3. Vulnerable Citizens: Protection of our elderly and disabled is our true paramount duty as a society.

4. Water Resources: Coordination and development of water to meet the needs of agriculture, households, commercial and wildlife is a necessity.

5. Public Lands: Access to and management of public lands to insure protection of all natural resources for our future generations to enjoy is a priority.

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