Political Party: GOP

Education: 1976 Graduate Nampa High School, Nampa, Idaho: One Semester at Boise State College (BSC)

Spouse: David McLaughlin

Religion: Christian

Date of Birth: June 3, 1958

Background: My husband Dave and I have owned and operated a small business in Spokane, D-MAC Construction, for 32 years where we specialize in kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

Was elected to the Spokane City Council in 2005 and reelected in 2009. Raised three children and actively participated in their public education from elementary through high school through volunteering, including chairing District 81's Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC).


Please describe your top 5 priorities if elected to the State Senate to represent district three:

My top 5 priorities, not in any particular order, include:

1. During the 2011 legislative session HB 1657, doing away with the statute of limitation on child rape, was passed by a vote of 98-0. The bill never received a hearing in the senate. As a victim of child rape myself, I will introduce a companion bill to HB 1657 and work to get it passed.

2. Education is the great equalizer for our children. I will work to stop unfunded mandates and other regulatory burdens, empower local school boards and principals, allow more flexibility with funding, raise teacher quality by reforming teacher pay, allow principals to fire bad teachers, encourage pilot public charter schools, protect home schooling, etc. Will look at increasing online learning and see about repealing the funding cut imposed by those enrolled in full-time online learning.

3. Help create an environment to encourage job growth. I want to help grow the tax base rather than continually going back to the same well over and over. This can be done through greater regulatory reform in areas such as Worker's Compensation and Unemployment Insurance. I will support measures ending Washington's state-run workers' compensation  monopoly through either privatization or allowing for private competition, to reduce costs for small business. I will support the "Let's Get Washington Working Again" bill and any other bill that will reduce government "red tape" and create a more business friendly environment. "Let's Get Washington Working Again" is a jobs bill that simplifies and reduces the number of tax  rates for small businesses; requires state agencies to make a decision on permits within 90 days or it's granted; recognizes hydropower as renewable energy, helping to provide for lower electricity rates; and enact other regulatory reforms.

4. The budget and fiscal discipline will be a top priority for me. Washington must live within its means. I will support measures that prioritize core government responsibilities such as education and transportation infrastructure first. It will be important to take a look at everything from mandatory reserves, performance based budgeting on adopted Priorities of Government, pension reforms, privatization, etc. Also, by reducing overly burdensome government restrictions, regulations, and taxes on businesses, we can again become a state that recruits, retains, and grows businesses that provide real jobs. Through the creation of jobs, the tax base will expand and more revenues will inevitably be available. Will look for duplication in state and federal programs.

5. Ensuring our state's transportation infrastructure is a core government priority right behind education. I will work for effective streamlining of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)/State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) processes, because time is money and jobs. I will support measures that require public transportation accountability and operational efficiencies. I will support measures requiring that new taxes or fees to support local transportation options be authorized by the voters. I will work with our Federal legislators in getting their help in bringing federal transportation dollars to the state with fewer strings attached.

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