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Project Roadblock is a multiplatform drunk driving prevention campaign exclusive to local broadcast television stations and is the largest annual station-supported initiative of a single PSA campaign. Project Roadblock inspires dialogue about the dangers of drinking and driving and subsequently motivates men 21-34 years-old to stop driving ‘buzzed.’

Now in its 17th year, Project Roadblock has proven its ability to inspire change, create impact, and save lives. In fact, through continued support of Project Roadblock and in combination with other drinking and driving prevention efforts, alcohol-impaired driving fatalities have decreased 28% from 14,409 in 2004 to 10,511 in 2018. However, there is still more work to be done. In December 2017, over 280 people were involved in an alcohol-impaired driving fatality and 296 people were killed in traffic fatalities on New Year’s Day. With your help this upcoming December, the road to safety continues.

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Project Roadblock continues to demonstrate local broadcast television’s power to influence, persuade and affect social behavior, as well as TV broadcasters’ commitment to the safety of their communities.

KHQ is teaming up with the Ad Council, with the support of NHTSA, to combat drunk driving in Eastern Washington and North Idaho. KHQ has committed to running broadcast and online campaigns to help promote Project Roadblock, which aims to create safe driving conditions across the country. Please drive sober and safe this holiday season!

To learn more about ways to get home safely this holiday season, click here.

Project Roadblock is brought to you locally by the Spokane Police Department.

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