Seattle Protests

SEATTLE, Wash. -- Following the inauguration of Joe Biden on Wednesday, groups of protesters took to the streets, causing damage to multiple buildings and leading to arrests. 

The Seattle Police report that they have made multiple arrests in relation to the protests. Although the protest hasn't officially been claimed by a specific group or organization, the crowd can be heard at one point in a video chanting expletive's aimed at both Trump and Biden. 

There have also been photos and videos posted on Twitter of damage to other buildings, including a group burning the American Flag and damage to the original Starbucks shop in downtown. 

These protests come alongside other protests showing up across the country, including a similar protest in Portland Oregon. 

Although Police are monitoring these protests, most only amass groups of roughly 100-150 people. Washington State Patrol tells KHQ that the majority of the inauguration day has been peaceful, especially at the Capitol in Olympia.