SPOKANE, Wash. - In October of this year, Spokane Police arrested 60-year-old John Eisenman for killing 20-year-old Andrew Sorensen and stuffing his body in the trunk of a car, where it remained for a year before being discovered.
Eisenman told investigators at the time he believed his daughter was being sex trafficked by Sorensen, her boyfriend, at the time. He claimed he sold her to an organization in Seattle, but he was able to rescue her return his daughter to Spokane before confronting Sorensen about it.
However, new court documents picked up by our partners at the Spokesman Review may suggest otherwise. According to their report, Spokane Police now say they can't find any proof that Sorensen was sex trafficking the young woman.
They also say Eisenman told investigators he had been high on meth when he killed Sorensen last year.
The documents also outline two conversations Eisenman's daughter had with a counselor at sacred heart. In the first, she said a stranger she met in Seattle had locked her up and sold her for sex. Later, she claimed Sorensen was selling her for drugs. At this time, police say they have no proof either situation happened.
Eisenman remains in jail at this time. We'll continue to update the case as more information becomes available to us. 

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