Morgan Sanders

ANACONDA-In Anaconda, Thursday was the day the whole community has been waiting for, for over a month; Morgan Sanders finally came home.

Morgan Sanders is a 16-year-old Anaconda girl who suffered a traumatic brain injury in February from a snowmobile accident near Georgetown Lake.

Morgan was rushed to the hospital and flown to Spokane where she had been receiving treatment for the past forty days. Morgan says she's been counting down the days until she could come home.

Thursday was the day she finally could come home, and Morgan and her mom made the drive from Spokane to Anaconda.

Community members Sarah Warner and Tammy Miller organized a parade of cars to welcome Morgan home, without getting too close.

Warner says they spent over three hours placing purple and green balloons around town to show Morgan how beloved she is by the community. Dunne Communications in Anaconda even purchased all the balloons and others donated to Morgan and her family to help with medical expenses.

Cars lined up at Town Pump on the east side of town and then followed Morgan in a caravan to Kennedy Commons where Morgan received cheers and honks as people drove by.

Morgan and her mom, Faith Anderson, say there were lots of tears of joy, and they appreciate everything Anaconda has done for their family. "It's amazing how they can come together like this," Morgan said.

"We love you Morgan, we're glad you're home and we're going to be here with you step by step through the rest of your recovery and we can't wait until we can finally be around you," Warner said.

Morgan will continue physical therapy and her recovery from home in Anaconda. Community members say they hope to host a party for Morgan once the outbreak is over and it's safe for Morgan.