Bar seating in Gallatin County can now resume, some restrictions lifted

BOZEMAN- On the road to re-opening, as parts of the treasure state begin to lift restrictions, people in Gallatin County will be able to start sitting in bars again. 

Gallatin City-County Board of Health amended the local public health rule to continue the phased re-opening to be consistent with the directive from the governor.

This amended rule will now allow breweries, distilleries and casinos to stay open one hour later and limited seating at bars will now be allowed. 

Limited contact in the serving areas with bartenders and customers is very much so encouraged. 

Right now bars and restaurants will be able to increase capacity to 75-percent.

The governor made these changes Friday of last week, but the county needed to vote to amend and approve locally.  

This will go into effect immediately.

If you’d like more information about the ordinance you can follow this link.