Does school closures mean the district is saving money

Students are staying home, schools are closed, but does this mean the school district is potentially saving money?

In early 2019, School District 2 Superintendent Greg Upham announced a $1.6 million levy for the Billings elementary schools would be on a ballot this May. The levy would partially fill a shortage in the K-8 grade budget.

With schools in the Billings district closed, you might think the district is saving money or at least making up for the budget shortage, but that's not actually the case.

Upham says "Obviously we are saving in cost of some of the general supplies to run the school, you know, but not much because everyone is still working, we are still providing instructional material, there's teaching and instruction going on. Support staff are doing their pieces with it, so not a lot of cost savings because we're up and running. Even though the building is closed, all people are still working."

While the school closures may not assist with the budget deficit, it continues to encourage social distancing.