GREAT FALLS - After roughly two weeks of school closures and teaching from a distance, elementary school teachers and principals across the Electric City took to the streets to reconnect with their students. 

With written signs and colorful streamers blowing in the wind, Riverview and 14 other elementary schools drove by their surrounding neighbourhoods in a district-wide car parade. Drivers honked at families and children throughout, with some even waving hand-crafted signs as they cheered their teachers on. 

Riverview Elementary Principal Luke Diekhans said the parade is a way to boost morale for educators, kids and their parents alike. 

”You know it’s great. We do a lot of things individually in our elementary schools around Great Falls. To have all elementary schools coming together during the same time, it just shows what the community means to us as well,” said Diekhans, “We’re a part of that community and we want to serve that community and build those connections.”

While there aren’t any plans in the near future to do similar-sized events, Diekhans said schools will continue looking for other ways to meet community needs as closures continue through to April 10th.