MISSOULA - The Coronavirus has affected multiple industries as this pandemic has spread across the US, but not all industries have been hit the same. One semi truck driver talks about how this pandemic has affected his route.

Doug Boyer is making his way across the country with a truckload of apples and oranges.

"Trying to keep the people fed," Boyer said as he climbed back into the cab of his truck.

While it's his job to deliver food, these days it can be hard for him to find food.

"I have a fridge and a microwave and stuff so I can get most of my stuff from Walmart but at this point in time, it's kinda clean shelves so you gotta be picky on what you get," Boyer said.

Even gas station food isn't what it used to be.

"Hot dogs and and stuff you can still get, but they have to serve you," Boyer explained. "You can't go serve yourself any more even with coffee, they have to pour the coffee for you, they don't want everyone touching the handles and all that."

As the search for food is changing during this pandemic one woman took it upon herself to see what local restaurants across Montana will deliver food to truck stops.

"Seeing that truckers can't find food I thought this might be a way to bridge the gap between the two groups with this page," Angela Berger said.

Berger created the page Keep em' Rolling on Facebook so truckers can easily find a place to eat all across the state.

"They need those places to eat and I want to get as many cities and towns across Montana as possible just to keep the truck drivers fed as much as we can to keep them going down the road," Berger said.

While times are changing, the truckers say they will get through it.

"It's a little tough at times but other than that not bad at all," Boyer said.

If you know other restaurants that will deliver but aren't listed on the Facebook page, send them a message and they will add them to the list.