Raph Graybill

GREAT FALLS- Democrat candidate for Attorney General, Raph Graybill, announced his plan to address substance abuse and mental health challenges in Montana, to improve public safety and support the criminal justice system.

“To address addiction and mental health in Montana, we need to invest in treatment and prevention,” Graybill said. “My opponent’s number one priority is to join an extremist lawsuit to take away our existing resources under the Affordable Care Act, through an extremist lawsuit he’s desperate to join.”

From release sent by Graybill Wednesday, Graybill’s plan proposes:

  • Keeping our communities healthy, whole, and working by emphasizing treatment and prevention of substance use disorders, in addition to enforcement. 

  • Divert non-violent offenders away from prisons and into evidence-based treatment programs. 

  • Promote community organizations that build resilience and prevent our children from being exposed to drugs and alcohol. 

  • Implement best practice enforcement measures, including de-escalation techniques and behavioral health interventions. 

  • Defend the Affordable Care Act, our most powerful resource for substance abuse and mental health treatment. 

  • Stand up for American Indian communities, which are disproportionately affected by substance use disorders and drug-related incarceration. 

  • Create a State-Tribal Justice Council to establish best practices on criminal justice questions that involve tribal stakeholders. 

You can read Graybill’s full plan for substance use disorders and criminal justice on his website here.