Bike & Type

MISSOULA -- Many Missoulians are still forced to work from home due to the Coronovirus pandemic, but a business that opened in Downtown Missoula, gives locals the opportunity to get a change of scenery. 

Bike & Type is an indoor/outdoor co-working space, located at 415 North Higgins Avenue, in between Sushi Hana and Worden's Market.

Formally known as the Montana Business Center, Bike & Type is a re-branding and expansion of services owned by Caras Real Estate.

Owner Nick Caras said there were already 55 office spaces in the building, but when COVID-19 hit, he was left with a lot of vacancies. That's when he decided to give people a place to work that doesn't require a long lease.

"You know, if you are a small company and you need to be nimble, or if you're a growing company and you don't want to sign a long term lease, you can come here and we can offer an alternative," Caras said. 

Bike & Type offers memberships to people who want a designated desk, or just a place to work. Caras said with COVID-19 keeping many people working from home, it gives them the ability to get out of their houses. 

"We've got fiber internet, color printing, and conference spaces so if you don't want to have a meeting in your living room, you can come down here and meet with your clients," Caras said.

He said the location of the building makes it even better. 

"I think there's a really tight-knit group of downtown people that live and work here, and so we're really thrilled to be a part of that community," He said. 

Caras added that the outdoor space available for anyone to rent for a party or work gathering, as long as it's after hours.