Malmstrom Air Force Base raises health protection condition to 'Charlie'

GREAT FALLS- Malmstrom Air Force Base has now raised its health protection condition from Bravo to Charlie in response to the coronavirus.

This status means the Air Force now considers COVID-19 to be a substantial health threat. 

By the end of today, all child development centers and youth centers will be closed, meaning there will be no child care options on base.

The Commissary will have the ability to limit the number of customers that come in.

As it relates to the Montana National Guard, more changes are being made when it comes to working.

Dan Bushnell, Chief of Public Affairs for Montana National Guard, says right now they're at essential status, meaning only a limited amount of people are working. Here is what Dan had to say about the Montana National Guard.

“We're also instituting teleworking as well as split-shift work schedule,” Bushnell says. “For example, in the public affairs office, we're going to be alternating days for myself and my deputy. We’ll be alternating days here in the office as well as the public affairs folks at the wing are going to be teleworking.”

But it's not just the work schedules that are being interrupted- it's also training for the future.

“Most military schools either have been canceled or postponed for the duration.”

Despite these cancellations, there's still a tall task ahead for our airmen, balancing social distancing, but being ready to call to duty at a moment's notice.

"We're ready to respond to the state, the state's needs, the government activating us for fire, floods, or a pandemic and we're ready to do that,” Bushnell added.