Fire generic - Vault photo

MISSOULA, Mont. - Fire danger has decreased to "low" in the Missoula area due to prolonged cooler weather and precipitation.

The Missoula County Fire Protection Agency said in a release although Missoula is in low fire danger, that doesn't mean there is no fire danger.

MCFPA said when fire danger is low, fuels do not easily catch on fire from small embers; however, they can if there is a stronger heat source.

Fires can burn more openly in grassy areas a few hours after rain, but wood fires grow slowly by creeping or smoldering. 

“This recurring pattern of precipitation will definitely hit this fire season with a nasty blow—if not a mortal one, but there are still pockets of dry fuels out there. Campfires not properly extinguished or illegal debris burning can still result in wildfires, as we saw with the numerous late season human caused wildfires that occurred last week,” Fire Prevention Specialist with the DNRC Southwestern Land Office Kristin Mortenson said in the release. “Please only burn when legal and with activated permit, and if camping make sure your campfire is always dead out before you leave it.”