Missoula nonprofit to expand sober housing

MISSOULA, Mont. - One agency is working to provide more sober living facilities in Missoula next year as the need grows. 

Crosswinds Recovery is looking to open two new facilities in response to an increase in applicants. 

According to Peter Maney, director of operations, they're receiving about 30 applications each month and can only house 25 people at a time. 

"A lot of times people will be the product of their environment," Maney said. "We kind of tend to do things that people around you are doing. Being able to offer safe, supportive housing for people who are in early stages of recovery is vital."

There will be two new houses, one for men and one for women, that'll provide housing to 20 more people total. 

Residents will also receive outpatient treatment with group and individual therapy, helping reduce relapses. 

Resident Brittany Hall shared how much something like this helps. 

"If I didn't have Crosswinds [Recovery], I would have come back out into the community and into another unhealthy environment with the same people that I had in my life prior to here," Hall said. "I think I would have been back to the same kind of behaviors because I wouldn't be able to build the foundation I have now."

Hall is now ready for her own place, but like many, is struggling to find housing, slowing down turnover. To help more people, Crosswinds launched a campaign to raise $50,000.

Maney said the funds will help open the new facilities sooner, but the organization will find a way no matter what. 

To donate to the campaign, click here.