Jermain Charlo

Investigators hope a call for tips on national TV will lead to a potential shift in the case regarding the disappearance of Jermain Charlo who's been missing since June of 2018. 

This comes after Charlo's case made national attention on A&E's LivePD episode that aired Friday night around the country. 

"Our family's efforts never stop," Valenda Morigeau said.

Morigeau is Charlo's aunt. She said there isn't a day that goes by that her family isn't thinking of Charlo, or reminding the community on social media that she is still missing. 

"It could take one tip that could just lead to us finding her and bringing her home," Morigeau said. 

Charlo's disappearance gained national attention on A&E's LivePD episode. 

"Getting her out there on the national news is highly important because after a year and three months she could be anywhere," Morigeau said. 

Missoula detectives say since the episode aired, they are following up on potential new tips. 

"There looks like there's probably eight or 10 phone calls and several voicemails that were related to the episode on LivePD on Friday," Missoula Police Detective Guy Baker said.

Baker is still actively investigating, with numerous law enforcement agencies spending nearly 2,500 hours looking into her disappearance. 

"We have executed numerous searches some involving the community. As well as multiple search warrants," Baker said. 

Morigeau said it would take a lifetime to thank everyone for the love and support about her missing niece. 

"I think it's amazing that the more and more we get her name out in the public, regardless of if people know that's she's missing, it's a reminder that she's still missing," Morigeau said.