PHILIPSBURG, Mont. - Discovery Ski Area is a family owned ski area tucked away in the mountains between Anaconda and Philipsburg.

On their busiest days at the mountain, more than a thousand people hit the slopes.

However, back down in the lodge, Kathy Hollatz is busy baking and for more than a decade, she has served as the secret keeper by holding on tight to the decades-old recipe for the sought after treats.

“I mean I've made cookies at home, but they're different than making cookies here,” Hollatz said.

That is because Discovery’s cookies are no ordinary cookies.

“People come from all over and they say I want to see those cookies you're talking about and they never believe it's a cookie they call it a scone or a muffin,” Beatriz Pitcher, co-owner of Discovery Ski Area, said.

Pitcher says the cookies have been on the menu at Discovery since the 1980’s when she and her husband bought the mountain. After years of practice, she says they’ve perfected that sought after recipe.

Hollatz says it could be the altitude or the ice cream scoop that she uses to scoop the dough that give the cookies their iconic shape.

Hollatz adds, regardless of how the cookies get their unique shape, she has the recipe down to a science after cooking hundreds each day.

The cookies aren’t the only item made from scratch, Pitcher says every item on their menu is homemade.

People travel from all over the Treasure State for the cookies and the skiing. Missoula resident Sarah McHugh brought her friends from Seattle to  Discovery and get a cookie after their day on the slopes.

“I would say that Discovery's chocolate chip cookies are my favorite chocolate cookies of all time it's the perfect mix of a chocolate chip cookie and a short bread cookie,” said McHugh.

Last year, Discovery sold almost 40,000 of their sweet treats and Hollatz adds on a busy day she can bake over a thousand cookies.

Everyone that we spoke with at the mountain agrees a Discovery Ski Area cookie pairs perfectly with a warm drink after a day on the mountain.