Mountain Line bus

Photo courtesy of Mountain Line

MISSOULA - The Mountain Line bus service made a decision aiming to get rid of tailpipe emissions on their vehicles by 2035 in effort to clean up Missoula's air. 

The Missoula Urban Transportation District board passed the decision on February 27 following scientific estimations of wildfires lasting longer and becoming more intense due to higher temperatures, according to the release. The board also put greenhouse gas evidence found by Climate Smart Missoula in 2017 into consideration to their decision. 

“Clean air is important to the health of everyone in our community, whether you frequently ride the bus or not,” MUTD Board Chair Jesse Dodson said in the release. “Cleaner air means healthier lungs. Healthier lungs mean healthier people and a stronger, healthier community.”

Mountain Line says they hope to achieve their objective of gutting carbon emissions by continuing to utilize electric buses. In 2019, they added six electric buses for the first time to their route system, according to the release. 

“We know this resolution is only the beginning," Dodson said. “Its an ambitious goal, and we don’t have all the answers for how we’re going to achieve it by 2035, but it is really exciting. Our commitment to a zero-tailpipe-emissions fleet creates opportunities for innovation and collaboration. We’re committed to moving Missoula forward sustainably, factoring in public health, clean air and our carbon footprint. That’s something to make everyone feel proud.”