Police search for toddler missing after parents found dead

MISSOULA - A report that looked into the death of an Oregon boy who was found in Northwest Montana details red flags dating back to before the child was born. 

Investigators found 2-year-old Aiden Salcido shot dead and left in a Lincoln County campground in July. He was found three days after his parents were killed in a murder-suicide following a chase outside Kalispell. 

The Oregon Department of Human Services conducted a critical incident review of the child's death. 

The report shows the Oregon Child Protective Services team had been tracking the boy since his mother was 16-weeks pregnant. In February of 2016, the department received a report of neglect saying the mother was 16-weeks pregnant and was living on the street. 

The report shows CPS received at least four reports of potential neglect or harm in the family. It also states Oregon CPS closed an investigation into the boy's well being in June-- just weeks before he was shot and killed. 

The report shows the boy's mother struggled with mental health issues and his father struggled with behavioral difficulties. 

CPS had been called to investigate a case of the father firing a gun in a tent when the boy was there. They were also called out at another time when the boy's father was accused of making death threats to the mother and put a gun to her mouth.  

The family was on the run to avoid being jailed in a 2018 burglary. A court had ordered the mother and the father not to be in contact since they were co-defendants. Family members told investigators the boy's father did not want to see the family separated. 

The report concludes that Oregon CPS did have some shortcomings in the case. It reads in part, "Despite information reported about the father’s lethality, the Department did not fully assess the violence occurring in the family and child safety decisions were made based on incomplete information."

It goes on to say the caseworker assigned to the case had a heavy load, "Additionally, the assigned caseworker received a significantly high amount of new CPS assessments during the time this assessment was open and also experienced a change in supervisors during that time, moving to a supervisor with less experience supervising CPS."

The report concludes that more efforts should be made "to understand the scope and impact of domestic violence."