GREAT FALLS - There are currently over 800 teachers working for Great Falls Public Schools and nearly 600 of them have a master’s degree or higher. With so many teachers having an even higher education, we wanted to find out how this is impacting schools and the students.

Doctor Katie Yeisley, teaches 6th grade at Mountain View Elementary. She says taking her education a step further has opened up several doors when it comes to dealing with different scenarios in the classroom, but when they do come across something they haven't dealt with before, those extra classes do come in handy. 

“It makes us more knowledgeable, and I think that makes us active learners because we constantly want to do better. So we know if we have an issue, we know how to that research to try and solve that problem,” said Doctor Katie Yeisley.

Yeisley continued to explain how it really shouldn't matter who a student has for their teacher because no matter what, every single teacher here in Great Falls is well trained and educated.

“We all have a proper degree to be here and just because I have taken more courses compared to somebody else doesn’t mean I know more than them,” said Dr. Yeisley

Dr. Yeisley also told us how teaching is a team effort for everyone in the school district, and the best part of having so many people with different degrees is you always have someone to turn to for questions or problems.

“When a light bulb goes off in a student’s head with a concept you’ve been teaching over and over again and it finally clicks and you see how excited they get about learning and it really makes you realize why we’re are here,” Dr. Yeisley said, “and we’re here for the students.”

Great Falls Public School has been making some big changes over the years, like bringing in chrome books and even fully interactive screens called Prometheans.