United Way & Alliance for Youth find a unique way to spread awareness on public transportation

Great Falls- Two organizations are collaborating and kicking off a new event to help spread awareness on public transportation in the community.

The event gives kids, and even older adults, a firsthand experience of how to move from place to place using buses in town.

United Way and Alliance for Youth recruited students and adults to ride the Great Falls Transit all to help them learn how to use public transportation.

Although some people were a bit familiar with how the process worked, others were riding the bus for the very first time.

"Learning about the passes, like how different the passes are, you can get a monthly pass or even a day pass... and how affordable it is, and that's what I learned about it, there's a senior and a student pass and I just thought it was a regular pass. But a student pass? I thought that was pretty cool," said Youth Advocate Jon Brady.

In previous years both organizations have seen students struggle to get to school and parents struggle to get to work, but the goal for this event is to make sure those problems are fixed.

"I think the biggest thing is just education. It can be really intimidating, especially as a youth, just walking in and not knowing how to get a pass, how the routes work. So just educating, and also I think there's a stigma to riding the bus and I think just eliminating that," said Youth Navigator Kylie Fisher.

Although it's important to teach disabled people about public transportation, Youth Advocate Dax Martinez says it's just as important to spread the word to the youth as well.

"A lot of kids don't have rides or anything like that, and to have public transportation and everything it's really nice and I think more kids should learn about it," said Martinez.

Fisher says they plan to team up with more organizations in the future to continue spreading awareness through the community and get more people using the bus.