With 150 State Legislators there is a lot of work that goes into helping each one of them be efficient at their jobs.

The office of the Sgt. of Arms may not look like much, but it is one important piece to the puzzle when it comes to keeping the Senate running during the session.

Carl Spencer is the Sgt. of Arms for the Senate, and he knows his way around the 200,000 square foot Capitol like the back of his hand. Starting his day around 7 am with phone calls and emails, his main priority is keeping the Senate Chamber and committee rooms safe for the Senators and the public. Although, there is a lot of running around during the 90 days, the process actually begins in November after elections. Once the officials are voted into office. 

“We come in right after that and start getting the session ready. We get all the committee rooms opened up, supplies ordered, stationary for the senators, business cards, all the supplies it takes to run the senate for the whole session. All come through my office,” said Spencer.

Supplies aren't the only thing coming through the Sgt. of Arms office. On a day to day basis during the session, the crew will approve anything put on the Senators desk. Once the request is granted, they will place them on the desk of each Senator in the chamber. 

The House of Representatives also has a Sgt. of Arms crew and each person involved is just as important as the next.